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Griefs we cause ourselves

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It is by our nature that we hate to be at fault. As human beings, we have the innate ability to try to allocate the blame elsewhere than to ourselves. Upon thinking about the problem however, it usually is rooted back to the individual that the problem occurs to. This happens time and time again. As this happens, more and more people realize that these griefs are not caused by others. Whether it happens to characters in literature, political figures, or individuals like ourselves, the greatest griefs are those we cause ourselves.

Literature gives us a prime example of problems that our caused by us. In Romeo and Juliet, two lovers are prevented by their families from being together. To rebel from this, Juliet connives a plan to fake her death. This would trick her family into thinking she was dead, allowing her to run off with romeo, who is exiled to Mantua. The plan is then to be delivered by the friars assistant to Romeo. Unfortunately the assistant does not reach romeo, and, upon finding about juliets death, Romeo decides to commit suicide. Romeo might want to blame Juliet for not getting the message to him, or even blame the messenger for not doing what he was asked to do, but he made the decision to do something as rash as poison himself. He made that choice. The blame for his actions therefore cannot fall on any other individual than on himself.

Notorious persons in our society can also have the burden of causing their own griefs. After having back surgery and being put on prescription drugs, Rush Limbaugh has recently placed himself into the spotlight by being caught using OxyCotton without a prescription. He was using them illegally because he acquired an addiction to these pain killers. While he may choose to blame his doctor for prescribing him prescription drugs after having his back surgery, or even going further down the line of false blame to blame his surgeon for performing back surgery on him, it is not valid. His addiction stems his own inability to cope. He chose to give in to his craving and acquire these drugs illegally. It is no ones fault but his own.

Just as Limbaugh chose to give in and cause his own grief, we as individuals have the increasing tendency to be the root of our own problems. I, for example, have recently caused myself a great grief. Upon receiving information on standard homecoming procedures, I learned about the need for Guitar Club (for which I am president) to participate in this homecomings activities. Acting as a president should, I delegated members of guitar club to spear head the project and form a committee to see that it was done correctly. I also decided to assist the members of this committee feeling that it was my responsibility as president. After working countless houirs of my and my constituents personal time and using precious manpower, the project was nearing completion. I was only to check the information packet (which I had yet to study in detail) to be sure the project met all required standards. Upon studying this acket, I realized that in order for the homecoming project to even be recognized as existing, an entry application had to be turned in, turned in two weeks ago. All of that effort, that hard work, those countless hours, discarded because of one simple rule, and yet not because of that simple rule. For in truth, it was I who did not read and fully understand what I was assigning my constituents to spearhead, as a leader and delegator should do. It was I who did not take the time to even glance at what I was to accomplish. The loss of that time and that effort which had gone to waste was my own fault. My lack of responsibility and my choice not to read the informative packet on homecoming was the reason this problem occurred. This grief was my own doing.

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Consequently, the greatest griefs that we desire to believe are the fault of others are solely our own. In countless instances, whether it is characters in literature, notorius individuals of out pop culture, or personal experiences that we all have had, we are the sole roots of our problems. It is an inevitable fact that will repeat itself, as history tends to do, until we admit that we are at fault and accept the blame. Only through personal liability can a true understanding of our problems arise.

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